Digital Marketer Portfolio

Welcome to my freelance writing and digital marketing portfolio! As you can see from my writing samples below, I’ve written content and copy for a range of industries.

If you’re wondering, “But isn’t it better to hire a writer who specializes in one niche?” that’s a great question! Personally, I don’t like boxing myself in as a digital marketer. After all, doesn’t every industry—from crypto to law to travel—need well-written content that ranks on Google?

So take a look at my digital marketer portfolio for yourself, and also be sure to check out my client testimonials to hear what it’s really like working with me. (This is only a selection of my work, so you can also see a few more pieces on my Contently portfolio).

Lifestyle Writing

Lifestyle writing isn’t as easy as many think – it requires creativity and an original angle. At least that’s what I think! I always like to put my own spin when writing lifestyle articles to make them memorable. Lifestyle writing shouldn’t be just “fluff” content. It should be substantial so it educates the reader and leaves a lasting impression on them.

Legal Writing

Legal firms and companies need SEO too! Unfortunately, many fail to see the value of SEO-optimized content and copy. So if you really want to push your legal firm or legal service provider ahead of the competition, you need strong, well-researched content that your target audience will find useful. Check out these articles to see the power of great legal content:

Business Writing

If you’re a small or large business looking to put a spotlight on your product or services, I know precisely how to make your business stand out. Having worked with both small mom and pop businesses and multi-million dollar companies, I understand the need to represent a brand authentically and effectively through written content.

Travel Writing

I have an extensive travel writing portfolio, ranging from work published in everything from airline magazines to travel guides. I’m somewhat of a travel addict (I’ve been to 20 countries and counting…), so my love for it comes through each time I research and put together a piece.

Digital and Content Marketing

Digital and content marketing are topics that requires deep knowledge and experience. Having worked as a Content Director at a content marketing platform, I have the experience and skills to boost your marketing business’ content strategy and direction.


Copywriting is one of the most integral parts of improving not only your brand awareness, but also web presence. I have helped a range of brands take their words to the next level (and rank on Google!).

Cryptocurrency Writing

Looking to hire a cryptocurrency writer with extensive SEO knowledge and industry experience? I have experience writing SEO-optimized website copy, blog posts, and comprehensive guides for a variety of cryptocurrency companies. I also have experience editing and proofreading cryptocurrency whitepapers and onsite copy, as well as editing partnership proposals (all of which successfully passed!). In fact, I used to be the Online Marketing Manager for a major cryptocurrency exchange!

Pet Blog Writing

Do you run a pet products or services company? Or are you a prolific pet blogger who needs a hand with publishing regular content? I’ve written more than 100 articles about dogs, cats, and pet products (yes, that many!). Here are a few of my favorites. Please note that most are ghostwritten by me (yet another service I offer!).

Job and Career Blog Writing

Ranking a job- or career-related website is incredibly competitive. Especially when you have big players like Monster who have a team of content experts. Well, outranking them is not impossible! You just need content that really connects with readers and is optimized for search engines. I have written numerous articles for these industries on topics ranging from resume writing to job hunting tips. I’ve also written resume and cover letter templates.

Technology Writing for SaaS Companies

Just because an article is about technology, doesn’t mean it should be dry or confusing. In order to connect with new audiences for your SaaS business, you need to speak their language. Oftentimes, that means simplifying complex tech concepts and explanations so they are more digestible. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean “dumbing down” your content! Your content should be still well-researched and written in an authoritative manner—but it should also be approachable and easy-to-follow. I specialize in this type of writing, as you can see from my technology writing samples below.